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Emily, nobody eats soup with a fork.
This is an essay with the theme of Susan L Stebbing, 1886 - 1943 the author of Thinking to Some Purpose (1939). The present work with the cryptic title is an essay to identify ten examples of fallacies to alert present day human biologists and health professionals about (potted thinking) that leads to misconceptions.

In a preface of the posthumous Magnum Opus, Origins of the Study of Human Growth, Edith
Boyd (1980), Richard Scammon and Edith Boyd in the Plan of Presentations listed six
methods of human growth to progressively the most sophisticated [our asides are noted in
the squared brackets]: Edith Boyd 1896-1977 Richard Scammon 1883-1952, Posthumous
edited by Bhim Sen Savara and John Frederick Schilke.


The definition, evolution, applications, relevance and aim
shared by human biologists and health professionals
“an emerging scientific specialization”

The Fourteen Principles
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The Fourteen "Principal Principles"
of Developmental Physical Activity.

Earle F Zeigler

It may be doing so if you are monitoring change by body weight and assumptions that this or any simple ratio such as the BMI is adequate for individual assessment.