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Turnpike Electronic Publications and its website was built for you. If you are a scientist, educator, or health professional who shares our commitment to help foster optimal growth, development and happiness of all the children of all the people and maintain health, vigor and well-being of adults throughout their life span.

We see this as consistent with the UNICEF UNESCO goals for A World Fit for Children. We differ from the governments of 180 countries agreed goals in that our purpose is to help empower individuals who contribute where they can. Some have affiliations with government, education, political organizations or social agencies. We welcome any individual that has a common cause. See Entroika Creative Units.

We are a partner corporation with Rosscraft Innovations and have reciprocal communication. Rosscraft, is concerned with the application of measurement, instrument, instructions, news and views and how-to-do. Turnpike is for individuals having access or posting information to enable them to apprentice themselves to one another and work in small creative units. Also to interact with others in cooperative research and professional development projects. As webpage contributors we encourage others to post Bionotes, rather than business or personal calling cards. We do the same, and as friends of Rosscraft we are all on a first name basis.